Dullness and Money


Life is kind of dull at the moment. I haven’t been doing a lot of anything, just pottering really, doing little bits of things. The week hasn’t been improved by really bad hay fever, but I am still slowly crawling forwards one inch at a time. That has to count for something, and I have lost 3 kg so I can’t really complain about that.

I have been trying to do some reading, and I am working my way through “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, which I am finding a bit challenging. It’s not difficult reading but it is from a completely different mindset. I guess the problem for me is that it is based on the premise that everyone can be rich, and if they’re not, it’s because of something they are not doing. I have the feeling that is overly simplistic. Maybe if you are already relatively well off you can become rich but I think that for some people who are really poor, poverty is socially and culturally entrenched. There is this perfect storm of lack of education, and circumstances that would be very hard to get out of.

I also have trouble  imagining a future where everyone is wealthy. Is it even possible for a society to exist where everyone is? I guess it is because in my head I see wealthy people not working, and I suppose that isn’t always the case. Everyone could be wealthy and cleaning their own toilets, and taking it in turns to build roads and houses etc. The other thing is that we live in a world of limited resources. While we can print as much money as we like, that money is only any good at the end of the day if we can exchange it for things we need or want, and if there isn’t enough to go round then we are screwed. Instead of aiming to be rich maybe we should be aiming to be comfortable and sustainable?


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  1. I think the same thing often. I don’t think you will ever have a society where every one has the same wealth, but it’s certainly possible to have societies with a fairly high level of economic equality – the Scandinavian countries are good examples – and greater economic equality is often associated with higher levels of societal happiness, lower levels of crime etc.

    As for the future I think the comfortable and sustainable thing is definitely a must. Part of the reason we can have so much stuff at the moment is because we can pay poor people in other countries very little to make it. Eventually people in those countries are going to get wealthier, and some time we will run out of poor people to make cheap stuff. Then everything will be expensive, and we will have to spend our money more wisely. I’d like to think we’d step back a little from the ‘made to fail’ and ‘cheaper to buy a new one than get it fixed’ sort of mentality that we have at the moment.

    • I am trying to be a more restrained and conscious consumer but decisions about spending would be made a lot easier if the expensive stuff wasn’t also made by poor people who were paid next to nothing to make it.

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