Sewer’s Block


I am having a bit of a sewing block at the moment. For some reason I just don’t want to do it. I thought I might just need to try sewing something that wasn’t blocks, so I got started on a pink lap quilt made from new fabric I picked up at the craft fair. I didn’t get very far. I did however manage to get most of the tangled web that is my computer’s hard drive mostly sorted out. Everything except for the photos, of which I have thousands. It’s a job I have been procrastinating over for more than six months now, which just goes to show how under motivated I am about the sewing.

Sometimes though you have to go with the flow and not push it. So I have a big bundle of trashy novels from the library and a jumper to knit. The sewing will still be there when I am ready. Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission not to do something. If it is really what you want you will come back to it in your own time. 

The new quilt in progress

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  1. Exactly, having a break from sewing is usually a good thing. I mean if you push it you’d just end up resenting the darn thing you’re sewing :S

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