The limits of human imagination


I finally got out of the house and went somewhere – The Flinders-Goolman conservation estate (pictures below). It was quite a nice spot with a lovely picnic and barbecue area and some walks with just the right amount of length for a morning. It was almost deserted though. There was no one there when I got there, and only 2 extra cars by the time I left.

So where does the imagination in the title come into it?  I had my brochure.  Looked at it and picked a walk, thinking it might be nice to have a nice stroll to a look out point. Yet despite the information at hand, when imagining this walk I completely failed to imagine that in order to get to anywhere worth looking out from I might have to walk up some hills. Just when I started to think my imagination might be seriously broken I started to have some very good imaginings on the subject of ticks.

So why is it that I can imagine ticks but not hills? Maybe it is some ancient evolutionary trait around assessing the possibility of threats. A hill is not a threat, even when you are as unfit as I am. A tick might be.

So we can still get taken by surprise by a hill. At least I was today. In the end it worked out quite well that I had the place all to myself because at least I did have anyone to witness my huffing and puffing all the way to the top, and waving my arms wildly at several points as I stumbled into some large and very sticky spider’s webs.

When I was done I decided I needed to go get something really unhealthy to eat because according to the weight watchers database I’m losing weight too fast and need to eat more. So I stopped off at the shops and bought myself a 1kg chocolate rabbit. It was only when I got back in the car afterwards and looked into the rear view mirror that I realised I had a streak of dirt all down the side of my neck. How embarrassing. Hopefully no-one in the shop noticed.

After all the walking I am exhausted so I am off to read a book and maybe break the ears off the rabbit.


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