What makes a place?


I am feeling the need to do a bit of philosophising today. Mostly because yesterday I went to the handmade expo. I was thinking I’ve never been to a handmade expo before so I can count it on my list of “Places I’ve never been before”. Then, as I was wondering round, I started thinking – this is exactly the same place they held the garden expo. So does it really count as going somewhere I’ve never been before? Which got me thinking about the nature of place and whether an event could be a place. I’m still tossing up about this, but a part of me is inclined to say they were different places. If I told you I had been to the Bundamba Turf Club (the venue) twice this year it would be true, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth, it wouldn’t be the same as saying I went to the garden expo and the handmade expo.

In the end I decided to count it, not because I had resolved the what is a place question, but because I thought it met the spirit of my challenge. The aim was to get me out more, and it did. It also had the added benefit of this…


It’s a cake pop. A round bit of cake covered in some kind of icing and then put on a stick. It was actually really good cake too. Nice and moist.

So progress…

Places I’ve never been before – 12

BMI – no change, cake pop being the least of my worries from the last week, but I am resolved to start the new week freshly motivated.

Novel: 8635 words. I have a suspicion that it might be going backwards, mostly because I decided to change the point of view and so I am going through what I have written and changing it, which has meant taking some bits out that no longer made sense. But I have some good ideas for what happens next based on the new point of view.

Quilt blocks : yes, I have actually made something. I have come to the conclusion that barring miracles there is no way that I was actually going to get the big quilt hand quilted by August in time for the birthday party, so I decided I needed to make some new quilt tops and pick one to machine quilt.

So here is my first effort. It’s actually bigger than it looks because each of the blocks is 20 inches.

Now I just need to get through my current malaise (which I suspect might be caffeine withdrawal) and make a couple more.


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