Frugality and lack of motivation


I have an old, much used technique for getting started on things when I am really feeling unmotivated. I line up all my projects in a row, and I make myself do 5 minutes on each of them in rotation. Usually after a couple of rounds at 5 minutes each, one of them captures  my attention and off I go. It didn’t work this morning. I think I got through one round before I got distracted by a plate of brownies and season 2 of Sherlock on DVD. So…I haven’t got a lot done today, except for making this coaster.

The other thing I have been struggling with is frugality. I am trying to save money for my holiday but I keep going out and spending. While what I buy is usually useful, like new clothes, it is probably stuff that I don’t really need to buy right now. I have been thinking about wrapping my bank cards in a picture of my holiday destination as a deterrent, but I don’t know that it would work. Usually by the time I get my card out I have already made the decision to buy. If I’m already queued up at the check out I’m not likely to go put everything back.

Does anyone have any tips for being frugal?



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