I have been really struggling the last couple of weeks to make any progress on my goals. I think I had one new place visited and that is about it.  But my healthy eating was completely out the window, and I got distracted by a new computer game, and not a lot else was getting done, except a little bit of hand quilting on my quilt for England.

I gave myself till Friday to get over it, regroup and recommit myself to my goals. I also developed a set of sub-goals, mini targets on the way to my big goals, which I am going to try to get to before I go on holiday in August. Today is the first day of the new regime, and so far I have been doing alright. I got up fairly early and made myself a semi-healthy lunch to take with me to my quilt group meeting. Since the things I really struggle with are snacks and breakfast, I bundled up all my snacks and breakfast foods into single portions and have them sitting in the fridge ready to go. I even did all my house work and took my sewing machine in to be repaired. And (yes there is more) when I got back from my group meeting I mowed the bits of lawn that needed mowing (counts as exercise). I feel like I am on a roll now, I just need to keep it up. Especially since it is a long weekend, there is loads more I can get done.


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