Everything just feels a little bit blah, at the moment. Not sure why. Possibly stress at work, not helped by the rumours circulating about job losses. Getting sacked doesn’t really bother me – except for the worry about how I would pay my mortgage – but not knowing does. If you know you can make a plan, and get on with things. Not knowing leaves you in limbo. I don’t know, it could just be because I am so close to going on holidays, but not so close enough that I need to pack, and I can really feel excited about it.

Things are plodding along nicely here. Except for my slight hiccup with Telstra. In their infinite wisdom they have decided that, despite having let me do it the last five times, I am not allowed to recharge my mobile broadband with my credit card online. Though I will give them credit, the nice man on the phone did give me 250MB of credit to tide me over until I can either get to a shop to buy a voucher, or the case manager calls me back to reactivate credit card payment.

I am making good progress on the quilt to take with me to the UK. I already have 1 border quilted – only three more to go, and then the binding and I will have something finished. I am still not really happy with the back, which has gone a bit pinched, but as my Dad said, who’s going to look at the back. Well, other than me, that is. It’s really not that bad, and I am probably over reacting. There have been worse quilted quilts in history anyway.

I did receive a bit of new stash in the mail. I know – I have to stop spending so much money. However, I like to think about it as an investment in achieving my goals. How am I going to finish making something from all 1000 blocks if I don’t have any fabric for backing and sashing?

New stash


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    • Thanks, I am trying to make it as un-blah as possible. Sewing definitely helps. So does baking. I’m trying to decide whether I want to bake some bread tonight or experiment with cup cakes.

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