Photos from the camera phone


As usual, not a lot going on here. Things are ticking along. Almost finished the hand quilting.

I have realised that I am quite a bit behind on a few of my goals, particularly the writing and the making blocks into things. However, I am determined not to stress about it till after I get back from holidays. By then I should hopefully have knocked over a good portion of my goal on ‘going 100 places I’ve never been’ and then I can focus on the others.

I did manage one new place today, entirely on the spur of the moment. I have had my parents staying and we were over at the hardware store at Springfield. When we were finished there we decided to go to the shopping centre for lunch. I was pointing out local landmarks, and said that behind the shopping centre was the Robelle Domain (it’s a park). I knew it was there because I had read about them wanting to do stage 2 in the paper. So we decided to go have lunch at the kiosk there instead. So we were wandering round and there I am thinking that it’s a pity I don’t have my camera so I can take some photos for the blog, when I realised I could take photos with my phone. Ironically, when I got home and emptied out my bag I realised that my camera had been in there all along. However, here are the photos of the Robelle Domain taken on the phone. I don’t think they turned out too bad.


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