Things seem very slow at the moment. Though progress of sorts is being made.

I lost a kilo this week. Which is fantastic, because I was having a bit of a plateau and it is good to be finally losing again.

My novel has very slowly crept up to 16,000 words.

I have finished hand quilting the quilt to go to England. This afternoon I sewed one side of the binding on, now I just have to slip stitch the back down. Once I have finished I will hopefully have time to do something with some of my other blocks.

I am now up to 25 places I have never been before, and the most exciting thing of all, is I picked up all my travel documents from the travel agent this week. Now I just need to get some foreign currency and I’m set to go. Only 2 weeks and a few days left to go now, and I am starting to feel distinctly unorganised. Mostly I think it is because I think that I should have more to do before going on a six-week trip when in fact there is very little you actually need to do.

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    • Will do. Not flying out for another week though. There was no post last weekend because I have had some kind of highly contagious virus that has been going round at work. I’ve spent most of the last week on the couch in front of the heater, shivering despite getting the lounge room up to 25 degrees and being wrapped in 2 quilts.

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