In England


Well, I have arrived in England safe and sound, though much worn out after the flight. People keep asking me if I am jet lagged, and I don’t think I am. I keep waking up at 4.30 in the morning, but that is fairly normal for me.

I have been very rapidly adding new places to my list. I think I have managed 10 or 11 in four days. Mostly because most places round here are places I have never been before.

I got into Birmingham on Friday, and got my hire car and drove up to Yorkshire. Still getting used to driving on the very narrow roads, with so much traffic. And of course everything is in miles per hour, and speed limits are different. I hadn’t realised how much you judge your speed being right while driving just from experience.

Saturday was a family wedding, which was lovely. Sunday was family lunch (see photo of possibly the biggest chocolate eclair in the world below, four of us were having a crack at it and we still couldn’t finish it) and then that evening a 60th birthday party.

Yesterday we made a trip out to a place called Temple Newsam. It is an enormous Tudor era house. Unfortunately we couldn’t get into the house, but we were able to have a wander round the grounds and visit the home farm (they had lots of cute little piglets).  We also stopped and looked at a new footbridge they have built over the River Aire, near the Castleford Weir, which was quite picturesque.

I am staying put today I think, and then tomorrow I drive down to Northampton to visit my other Nana, then on to Birmingham for the quilt fair.

Big thank you to Uncle Alan for letting me borrow his wi-fi.


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