Festival of Quilts 2012


I have made it to Birmingham and just finished my second day at the festival of quilts. The place is huge, and packed with people. The first day I spent having a look around and went to a couple of lectures. Despite getting started at 10.30 and not leaving till 5, I still wasn’t able to get round the entire thing.

While they did allow people to take photos, I was a little reluctant to take photos of the quilts because, aside from the special exhibitions, none of the quilts were labelled with the makers name. I didn’t think it would be right to put up a photo of someone’s quilt unless I could attribute it correctly. However, I found out today that apparently the names are in the catalogue, so I might go and see if I can get a catalogue tomorrow.

Today I did a mixed media class, with Wendy Cotterill, for the whole day. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about working with paper.

I am starting to feel a little bit worn out, though think that might have something to do with eating far too much junk. I was determined when I left to try my best to eat healthily while I was travelling, but am not having too much luck. Well, tomorrow is another day and I have almost exhausted my chocolate supply. I just need to not buy any more.Image

These are the paper bits I was working on in today’s class. Now I just need to join them together and decide whether I am going to back or quilt them. That might have to wait until I get back to Australia because it is slightly more transportable as it is right now.


This is a shot of one of the halls. There are three of them, and the other two have less eating space and are just crammed with stalls and displays.


This is a view of the England/German stash exchange challenge. People selected 4 fabrics from their stash – which were put into an exchange. They then had to make a quilt with the fabrics they received.


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