Victoria and Albert Museum


I had a spare day yesterday. The quilt fair was finished and one more day till I fly out, so I made the rather crazy decision that I would like to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Crazy because it was about a 2 and 1/2 hour journey each way, plus the train ticket cost me a fortune. I could have flown Brisbane to Sydney for less.

It was fantastic though. It is like a massive maze crammed full of treasures. A quilt from about 1400, the outfit Adam Ant wore in the Prince Charming music video, paintings, sculptures, tapestries and gold, silver and ironwork. You could spend months in there and still not see everything. I adopted the strategy of meandering aimlessly and stopping when something caught my attention.

…And don’t get me started on the bookshop. I could have spent a fortune in there. I decided though that I had better save some of my money and luggage allowance for the rest of my trip.

Unfortunately the only photos are of the outside, because there is no photography inside. Lots of people were doing it, but I decided I would follow the rules. Some of this stuff is irreplaceable and a lot of it is stored in low light galleries and I wouldn’t want flash from my camera to damage anything.

Going into the museum there is actually a tunnel from the London underground. It seemed a bit strange to visit a city and never actually see any of the outside of it, so when I was finished looking around the museum I decided to go out and walk around the block before I went to catch the train back. I didn’t get very far. Across the road from the Victoria and Albert Museum is the Natural History Museum, and in the grounds they had a display of photos from the wildlife photographer of the year competition. They were incredible. There was this beautiful one of an 10 month old baby gorilla. I had a look round that, had an ice cream and then back on the train to Birmingham.

All up, a very good day out.


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