Lazy day and mosaics


Just a quick post from me today. I am having a lazy day at the hotel before I fly out tomorrow, which has been fantastic. Watching some TV and I finally got round to doing some of that hand piecing. Also trying to catch up on some sleep before my absurdly early flight tomorrow.

What I wanted to post though was some pictures of mosaics and a woven rug. These are from the Um Qays (the rug was at a shop at Aljun Castle). The site is mostly roman but I believe the mosaics date from the Byzantine period. Use of images of people in art at this time seems to vary depending on which part of Jordan you are in. Some areas allowed it, others were against it. The mosaics at Um Quays are all geometrical, and the first thing that struck me about these mosaics was that a lot of the patterns are familiar as quilt blocks. It makes you wonder whether there are only so many geometrical patterns that you can come up with, so people were bound to come up with the same thing, or whether these patterns have been passed down through time, and across civilisations. Perhaps quilters saw drawings of old mosaics and took inspiration from them.


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