Reading, writing and getting very wet


Yesterday I was in Fethiye. It was beautiful. The way the light caught the water outside our hotel every morning made me want to stand there for hours and take pictures as it changed. I had a very lazy day in Fethiye. I got up late, had breakfast and then with one of the other ladies from my tour I caught a mini-bus into town. We climbed up to have a look at the rock tombs, then meandered round the town looking at shops and the waterfront. Thanks are due to the very helpful man in the car rental place who gave us a map, and assured us that it was perfectly okay that he had a gun because he was really, actually a police officer (but he had been an english teacher and tour guide) and was only looking after the place for the day for his friend who was getting married.

Lunch was at a restaurant in the fish market. You can buy a fish at the markets and one of the adjacent restaurants will cook it for you. They did a beautiful vegetable casserole for the non-fish eaters.

After lunch I retired to the hotel and read my book. Which was nice in a way, but depressing in others. I have just started reading ‘My Name is Red’ by Orhan Pamuk. It is incredibly beautiful writing. Elegant almost lyrical. It flows, drawing you in deeper and deeper until you can’t put it down. Which is good, but when I read a book like that it makes me realise how badly I actually write. I wonder what his first draft looked like. Could it possibly have been anywhere near as bad as mine?

I don’t really know how to compare yesterday with today. In some ways they are complete opposites, but both enjoyable. Today I went to Saklikent Gorge. To get into the gorge you have to wade across this fast flowing river that came up almost to my waist. Once you get past that the water is never as high again, but it is still knee-high in places. A few of us from my tour group walked a fair way into the gorge until we got to a waterfall. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I went, because my first thought when I saw the river I had to cross was ‘no way in hell’.

I ended up very wet, but consider it a major achievement that I managed to avoid falling face first into the water. Afterwards, I slathered myself in sun screen and sat in the sun by the river while I was having my lunch. I was mostly dry by the time I got back on the bus for the drive to a hotel in Antalya.

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