I think I have done it


I think I have just completed my first goal for the year. I have been 100 places I have never been before. Can I go home now? Only two and a half more days till I get on a plane back home and I have to say I am really looking forward to home and my own bed. Not that I’m not enjoying Turkey, it’s a fabulous place, but I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in longer than I can count. I can barely string a coherent sentence together at the best of times but right now my brain is mush. Though I suppose the good thing about travel is that it doesn’t really matter if everyone thinks you are a moron because you’re unlikely to ever see them again anyway.

No photos today. I have tons but I made the mistake of leaving them a couple of days before I saved them to my computer and sorted them. I think now they will have to wait till I get back to Australia to sort them out.


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