Progress – I think


I actually feel like I have been getting lots done, that I am making progress both in the sewing and the writing.

After feeling a bit uninspired last weekend, I pulled some blocks I hadn’t looked at in a while out of the cupboard and started sewing. I am experimenting with mixing the blocks with batiks, which is working really well because they tend to have a lot of colours in them which can pull disparate blocks together. Since I last posted I have made two new quilt tops, and have a third underway. I have pinned two quilts. Made a cushion insert or the cushion cover I bought back from overseas, and made a cushion from a stray block that didn’t really match any others. Things are coming along nicely. I am still not sure if I will get it all finished by the end of the year, but it is feeling a lot more like fun than it was last week.

Writing is going well too. I have just started reading a book by a guy called Alan Watt. It is called the 90 day novel. Which is handy because I have about 90 days left. At the moment I am working through a series of exercises about exploring the world in which your novel is set. So I am not actually writing the novel, but I am starting to understand why I was stuck and figuring loads of stuff out about the characters and where to go next. The only downside is that he recommends spending two hours a day on writing for the next 90 days. That’s two hours a day, everyday until Christmas. I’m not sure I can maintain that kind of pace. That really means that I get home from work, have dinner, write and then go to bed. I really need to find a way to make more time, either that or get by with less sleep. Though I suppose it is only three months, and it will probably go by in a flash.

Weight loss is not going so well, but I have finally stopped gaining weight after a bit of a post holiday splurge. Now I just need to be a bit smarter when I next go grocery shopping and I should be able to reverse the decline.

Pictures of what I have been up to are below.


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