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Not loving my job…and being a business


I have to confess that I am one of those people who if they won the lotto would quit their jobs the next day. Not that it is a bad job. It’s not. It’s actually quite a good job. It pays okay, some days its quite challenging and for the most part my workmates are lovely. I just don’t love it. I work because I need money for stuff. I have thought about retraining to do something else, but really I haven’t seen anything else that I have thought – “that’s cool, I think I’d like doing that”. It’s an awful risk to spend 3 or 4 years retraining to be something when you’re not sure about it. Not to mention the fact that my HECS debt is already the size of the GDP of a small African nation. I don’t think this is unusual. The HECS debt or the not loving my job. I’m sure a lot of people feel exactly the same.

A couple of years ago, in a fit of pique, I actually applied for a business number and became well a business, a sole trader. The idea was to get a number of crafty things going, selling some photos etc. Things that I could build up over time until eventually I could quit my day job. But flooding,  life, making a 1000 quilt blocks and other things like that kind of got in the way, and the ABN has been sitting there unused. Until now. Today I set myself a shop up in Zazzle ( and made some cards from my photos to sell ( Though don’t go looking for them just yet as I think they take 24 hours to load.

It’s probably not going to make me a load of money, but I figure that’s not really the point. If it makes me a little extra to spend on fabric then that’s a good thing. If it makes me enough that I can buy my self a new camera, even better. At the moment I am just sticking to photos but I may even try using the graphics software I have on my computer to create some original designs.

Plus I have finished another couple of quilt tops.



Another week


Not much is happening here. I am just plodding along – making quilt tops mostly with little bits of other things interspersed. I went to the quilt fair yesterday at the convention centre, which was a nice break. There was a fairly sizable display of quilts, a few good lectures and plenty of shops.

Today I have had a very quiet day reading and wondering whether it is going to rain, and trying to decide what I might have for dinner. All very boring really

Making tops


I am making great progress in making tops from all my 1000 blocks. Mostly due to the fact that last weekend we had our first 35 degree day. In a fit of pique I moved my sewing stuff into the lounge room where the air conditioner is. This means I am constantly confronted by all my sewing stuff every evening, so I usually get some sewing done, even if it is only a little bit. Later in the year, I am going to have to have a mammoth quilting session to deal with all the tops I am makling.

My other goals, I am still struggling with. However, I am getting little bits done. Not as much as I would like, as fast as I would like, but I guess I just have to accept that any kind of progress is good.

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I have been up to, sewing wise.