Where does the time go?


I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last post. However, I never got round to doing much last weekend because a combination of hay fever and caffeine withdrawal kept me lying on the couch in the air-conditioning for most of the weekend.

I have actually been very productive the last couple of days. I did myself a really thorough list. You know the honest kind, where you actually list every little thing you need to do including cleaning the bathroom and shaving your legs. I find if I do that, really list everything, I’m actually more realistic about what I can get done, and I do more. Having lists and plans for accomplishing your goals is all well and good but there are other things to be done too, stuff that keeps your life running smoothly and you need to factor those into your plans. Not to mention planning some down time, space where you can just relax and do nothing, at least for a small amount of time.

So…how am I going on my goals:

100 places I’ve never been before – finished

Quilt blocks made into things – almost done with making things into tops.

Healthy BMI – struggling

Novel – just hit 16,000 words

Loads of stuff left to do, and nowhere near enough time to do it in, but it doesn’t really bother me at the moment. I’m not sure why, I’ve kind of mellowed about the whole thing. I think setting myself some fairly hefty goals has taught me a lot about accepting imperfection in myself, and there were some lessons there that I really needed to learn. Now I just need to learn the lesson about not mowing the lawn without wearing sunscreen and I’ll be right for a while. For now, I am going to take my sun burn away to a cool room where I can spend the rest of the day reading a book and pretending it’s not 35C outside.


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  1. Hope your sunburn is better soon! I have family in Australia so have been hearing about the high temps – not fun! You have been making great progress with your quilt blocks. My project has come to a standstill for the moment; I’ve been looking for that big block of free time to get back into it.

    • The sunburn is much better thanks. Fortunately I tend to go brown after a couple of days instead of all nasty and peely.
      Maybe you can set your project up somewhere obvious where you can keep your eye on it. I find I do more when I have all the stuff I want to work on piled up in the lounge. It’s a constant reminder to work on it. Plus I can do little bits during the ad breaks when I’m watching tv.

  2. You’ve done an amazing amount – well done! I really love the idea of cutting up a block to make into a table runner; in fact, I might try that myself … also, maybe the cushion that’s too big could become a floor cushion? Just a thought … =D

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