I started running again this week and it has left me wondering why we often put off doing things that are not only good for us, but that we actually enjoy. I actually quite like running. I’m not sure about outside running, and I’m probably not marathon material, but I love to have a good plod on the treadmill.  Not only is it never as painful as I think it’s going to be, but I always feel fantastic afterwards. I can start running with no energy and feeling flat, and when I’m done I feel loaded with energy, even though it should technically work the other way round.

It’s just getting started that’s the problem. Even though experience tells me that I’ll enjoy it, some part of my brain says no to getting started every time. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Not much else going on here, things are gradually winding down towards Christmas. I managed to write another 2000 words this week, and have finished another 2 quilt tops.


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  1. Hi Helen, well done for getting some exercise, and your continuing progress on the quilts.
    We are not very good at exercising, even though we know we need it. We occasionally go for a walk, and as we live on a hill this involves some effort on the return trip! What we really need to do is get out on our bikes again – there are some nice parks and cycle trails in our area.

    • I guess, like most people, I don’t see dancing as an everyday form of exercise but I suppose there is nothing stopping you getting up in the morning, putting some music on and having a bit of a dance. Well other than maybe waking up your family. Why save it just for special occasions?

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