I am trying to cut back a little on spending at the moment, so I can finish paying off my credit card which is still looking horrendous post holiday and start saving up some money for some stuff I need to do around the house. Which is hard because I am really bad at frugality. It’s not so much the frugality that’s the problem, its more the impulse control. Once I think about something that I want I have a really hard time not buying it (or eating it if its food). And there is so much cool stuff out there to think about – Tablet computers, fabric, paints, DVDs, incredibly beautiful pieces of glass ( Plus I have noticed that my hankering for shopping gets worse at certain times of the month, and at the moment I am feeling incredibly antsy. I want to go out and buy something, anything. I don’t really need anything, that doesn’t really make any difference.

So I have locked myself in the house this weekend, and am sticking to my determined resolution that I will not go to the shops. I keep telling myself that since it is only two weeks to go before Christmas the shops are liable to be horrendous, crammed with people all madly scurrying around trying to do their Christmas shopping. Finding a park will be near impossible, traffic a nightmare and there will be screaming children and fake santas charging said children for the privilege of a 2 minute sit on their lap. I’m much better staying at home really.

I have loads of sewing to do this weekend. I want to get all my machine sewable blocks made into something before I start my week off. That way I can spend the holiday curled up on the couch finishing off some hand sewing.

I have been making odd blocks into small pieces that I can make into journal covers, place mats and bags. The added bonus is they’ll be really good for practicing my machine quilting on before I start tackling some of the bigger quilts.

Here’s a journal cover I actually managed to finish.

043 (768x1024)

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