New Goals


It is almost the end of another year and it has got me thinking about next year. New goals. Which is tricky, firstly because I haven’t really finished most of my goals from this year, and secondly because while I have an idea about the kinds of things I want to accomplish I am struggling to turn them into measurable goals.

For example, excepting the blocks that I am hand piecing together I have now put all my blocks into tops (30 tops and 33 small objects – I counted them this morning when I was cleaning out my closet), but I don’t know that I necessarily want my goal for the year to be quilting all those tops. What I would like is that by the end of the year I am better at machine quilting than I am now. So the trick is how I measure better. Quilting all the tops doesn’t really work as a measure of what I want to achieve because I could in theory quilt all of them badly.

This year I would like to improve my machine quilting, become better at talking and listening, get the whole business on the side thing going on and finish two of my goals from last year (writing a novel and getting down to a healthy BMI). Just need to find some way of measuring that doesn’t involve saying better than I am now. Though really at the end of the day, since I’m the only person judging, if I feel I’m better at something maybe that’s enough of a measure. I guess it all comes down to how good at self-delusion you are. There are plenty of people out there wandering round thinking they are great at something when in reality they’re not. I don’t really want to be one of those people.

I just downloaded Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography to my kindle in the hope of some inspiration/answers. Apparently at some point when he was a young man someone sat him down and told him that he was up himself, and no-one liked him because of it. In order to fix this he devised a scheme to overcome the up-himself-ness, which I have heard is documented in the autobiography. If that isn’t finding a way to measure the unmeasurable I don’t know what is.


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