Sorting things


Not a lot happening here. Well lots happening, just nothing I have any nice pictures of. I spent about 6 hours in my garden at the weekend sorting things out after the storms we had the weekend before. I cleaned out my pantry and fridge and I spent what seems like for ever sorting out photos to figure out which ones I can use. So essentially I am having a bit of a sorting out session. In some ways its frustrating, because I can’t really start doing what I need to do next until I have finished sorting, but in a lot of ways its progress. Particularly the photos. I don’t think it really helps to have 1000’s of slightly blurry photos of the same thing from 10 different angles. As I hit the delete key I’m creating the space I need to see the really good shots that I do have. The problem is I have 1000’s of photos to sort through and its taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

Nothing for it, but to just keep plodding away at it. I’ll get there eventually.


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