Some weird virus is going round at work, everyone has it. We all feel blah, and have headaches. So we’ve come to the conclusion it’s a virus. It’s more likely that the 1970’s building in which we work is giving us all sick building syndrome, but virus is easier to deal with. At least if its a virus I might get over it. If it’s the building I’m going to have to get another job, which I should probably do anyway because I don’t really like the one I’ve got and life’s too short to spend most of your day being annoyed. Right now, however I don’t think I have the energy to update my resume.

I’ve decided to give myself till the end of the weekend to wallow, till then I don’t have to do anything, except come up with a plan of action (and help my brother move house – but that’s another story entirely and involves a house full of guests over the weekend which is another reason I won’t even bother to try and get anything done). Then Monday I have to get cracking, quit spending my evenings watching stuff on tv that really, when I think about it, doesn’t add anything to my life and actually work on achieving some of my goals. Really – I will. I mean, how many episodes of Bargain Hunt do I really need to watch.

I did manage to reduce my stash of quilt tops this week, by donating two to some people who are making quilts for people who were flooded. I felt a little bad about donating them un-quilted, but at the end of the day I guess they would have had to make a whole quilt and quilt it anyway, and I’ve probably saved them a stage and the cost of some material.

Anyway, because I haven’t been doing anything else to take pictures of here is a photo of my quilt top storage system.

I hang them in the wardrobe using those coat hangers with the clips on.

005 (768x1024)


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