Aaagh and beans


Aagh, it is almost 2 and 1/2 months into the year and I am feeling very much like I haven’t accomplished and awful lot.

I did manage to finish sorting out my photos. Well, they are half-sorted. I have managed to whittle the collection down to a folder of photos that I can actually use. I still need to organise that folder some how. But I have transferred the photos onto my laptop, so I can probably have a good go while watching TV in the evenings.

My second accomplishment is I managed to grow beans. They aren’t beans yet, but I am fairly sure it is a bean plant. And… there may also be a pumpkin plant and a pea plant. How? You might ask. Easy peasy. The weekend before Australia Day, I was admiring the blank holes in my herb garden when I thought “I know, I’ve got all those packets of seeds in my cupboard from when I decided to start the herb garden I might as well chuck them on there”. So I did, and then I forgot about them. Then it rained, and rained, and rained some more. And then it rained even more after that, and my beans grew (along with all the weeds and the grass, and more weeds and more grass).

Anyway, here are some pics of my beautifully growing plants and I promise that I will be slightly more motivated this week so that next week I actually have something quilty or philosophical or motivational to blog about. Really, I will.





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  1. Cool plants. You might or might not get ‘fruit’ on them. Peas are pretty agnostic as to season, but beans and pumpkins less so. Still your climate is different to ours so you might get different results.

  2. Yeah, I think the pumpkins are already struggling. The leaves are starting to go yellow. But that could be the crappy soil. I was going to give them a good water today with some seaweed fertiliser because the rain seems to have dried up, but who knows what will happen. Our weather is just weird at the moment. I put my winter quilt on the bad yesterday because I’ve been cold at night but it is supposed to be 35 degrees today.

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