On being fiscally responsible


I have been trying of late to be more fiscally responsible. For many reasons really, but mostly because I have been thinking about getting old. Not having kids and being unlikely to have any, it strikes me that I will have to have enough money when I am old to either fly somewhere where they will let me euthanase myself or pay for a really nice retirement home, one where they’ll actually look after me instead of letting me get bed sores. So I have been reading a lot about personal finance and coming up with a strategy of sorts. Which is not really me, for one thing I don’t really have the memory for it. I get the impression that being fiscally responsible means knowing how much money you have in various places, what the interest rate on your credit card is, and your mortgage etc…You get the picture. I just can’t remember that. It’s not that I’m bad with figures I just don’t remember stuff. I remember doing maths in year 12 and realising that all the other people in my class had memorised times tables, I was still working it out in my head every time. But it’s not just figures, its books I’ve read, what I had for lunch, what I did last week…

Anyway, I decided that I needed to be more organised with my information. If I’m not going to remember it I at least need to have it at my finger tips so I can look it up at a moments notice, instead of having to rummage for it in the old shoebox I keep at the back of my closet. So I bought some folders which I can put all my bits of paper in. And some folder dividers to divide my folders into sections so I could have a section for my mortgage and a section for my savings account etc. Feeling spectacularly pleased with myself I came home ready to get organised. Then I realised I didn’t have a hole punch to put holes in all my documents so they would fit in the folders. I could have sworn I had one somewhere, but apparently I don’t. I was going to go back to BigW to get one but then I realised it wouldn’t be fiscally responsible of me, because I would probably end up buying loads of other stuff while I was there. I only ended up with folders because I went to BigW to buy self tapping screws. Who knows what I would end up buying if I went in looking for a hole punch. So I didn’t go, and my stuff is still unorganised. At least for now. I decided it would be okay to get a hole punch when I get my groceries on Friday.

I did learn something though. Being fiscally responsible is a drag.

On a brighter note I did get one of my quilt tops out of the cupboard and set it up for hand quilting. I figure if I’m going to spend the evenings in front of the television I might as well be making myself useful. Plus, finishing all my UFO’s counts towards my fiscal responsibility drive. I get to do my hobby without spending money on new material.

002 (1024x978)

The UFO I am working on



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  1. have you progressed with getting all your papers in order, even without a holepunch you could have sorted them & named your dividers. Good on you for thinking ahead, I had to do that when widowed 14years ago at 47years old with 2 teenagers, finances have been a struggle as I only worked 4 days a week and have really struggled since being made redundant 4 years ago, but after seeing a finanical adviser last year & working casually 3 days a week (it could finish at a moments notice!) hopefully for another 3plus years I will be a pensioner. I started patchwork to fill in void hours whilst waiting to pick up teenagers and now with grandchildren still love my patchwork and recently Hexagons. I only buy what I need and have a few $$$s in a purse at the ready & add to same purse when there are a few $$$s spare!…….it can be done and of course the scraps/leftovers is where Bonnie Hunters free patterns on Quiltville come into it. Have fun Helen and get those folders done, it makes life easy…..or do you use Xcel, it is great for seeing what is what at a glance also. Take care…..Annette

  2. Hi Annette,
    Thanks for your comments and sorry to hear about your loss. I haven’t progressed in sorting, but I have ordered a bunch of plastic sleeves with my online grocery order. They will arrive tomorrow, so the sorting will be a good job for what looks like being a rainy weekend.

    Fortunately, I work full time and earn a reasonably good wage, but I got into the habit of spending it all. This worked okay until I bought my first house just over a year ago. Managing a mortgage on a single wage has a huge impact on your finances. That and the fact that I am approaching 40 at ever increasing speeds makes me think I need to start thinking about the future. I probably should have started thinking about it earlier, but I refuse to beat myself up about that. You live the life you live and you learn as you go.

    Glad to hear you enjoy the hexagons, I really enjoy english paper piecing and the great thing about hand sewing is that it makes for a relatively cheap hobby. A $5 fat quarter can keep you occupied for hours. You couldn’t see a movie for that price.

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