Monthly Archives: June 2013

Staying sane…just


For one reason or another it has been a while since I have posted. It started with a week-long bout of gastro, which was followed by a weekend at quilt retreat, which was followed up with basically catching up with everything I didn’t do because of being sick and being at quilt retreat.

Knitting scarves from all my left over wool has been keeping me sane while I try to get my motivation and focus back. Having just spent half an hour trying to sign up for Medicare online so I can claim my rebate for the doctor’s visit for the gastro I am definitely in need of some more sanity saving knitting. I mean seriously, who can honestly recall the date they last went to the doctor and billed it to Medicare? What do they think I am some kind of meticulous keeper of records? Do they honestly think people keep receipts for that kind of thing?. So now if I want to get my $36 I’m going to have to go find a Medicare office in my lunch hour. I suppose the only consolation is that at least I can take my knitting while I am waiting in the massively long queue.



It’s one of those grey days. You know, the ones where you need to have the light on in the house at lunch time. The weekends have been like this for weeks. Which is not good. It’s hard to feel motivated when its grey like this. I have been meaning to get out into the garden and do some weeding, but I keep putting it off because it always looks like it’s about to rain any second. It hasn’t rained a lot, but enough that everything outside is wet. If I gardened I’d be drenched in a couple of minutes.

I have been doing some stuff though. I finally finished the Doctor Who scarf which will be a Christmas present for my nephew. It is huge, at least twice as long as I am high. He’ll be able to wrap himself up like a mummy. Once I finish knitting it took forever to sew in the ends and then I had to put on a fringe. I was totally over it by the time I’d sewed on the last tassel.

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