Staying sane…just


For one reason or another it has been a while since I have posted. It started with a week-long bout of gastro, which was followed by a weekend at quilt retreat, which was followed up with basically catching up with everything I didn’t do because of being sick and being at quilt retreat.

Knitting scarves from all my left over wool has been keeping me sane while I try to get my motivation and focus back. Having just spent half an hour trying to sign up for Medicare online so I can claim my rebate for the doctor’s visit for the gastro I am definitely in need of some more sanity saving knitting. I mean seriously, who can honestly recall the date they last went to the doctor and billed it to Medicare? What do they think I am some kind of meticulous keeper of records? Do they honestly think people keep receipts for that kind of thing?. So now if I want to get my $36 I’m going to have to go find a Medicare office in my lunch hour. I suppose the only consolation is that at least I can take my knitting while I am waiting in the massively long queue.


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  1. Some of us keep the receipts :-). Also my doctor has the electronic thingy whereby you can pay by eftpos and then have the rebate paid directly into your account. It’s extremely handy.

    • I’m usually pretty good but I usually only keep things for the financial year and then if I don’t use them for my tax return I throw them out. I think the last time I went to the doctor was March last year so I probably threw the receipt out in my post tax return throw out.

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