Trashy novels


I had plans for today. A trip to the library and the resulting stash of trashy novels has put an end to that.

Little bits of progress are being made. Nowhere near as much as I would like, but some things have got done, and I have made a few little things.

2013-09-15 11.32.02_resized


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  1. The big mistake I find is – to have a plan. Every time I do it, life intervenes and turns it upside down.
    So now I just have a vague idea, and meander.
    It seems to work – I put 3 quilts in the Tasmanian Exhibition in June, and have 7 items ready for the Stitching and Beyond Exhibition at the end of September. Only one piece was specifically aimed at being exhibited.

    • Unfortunately if I didn’t have a plan I don’t think I would ever do anything. Though I think I just have to accept at times that I just need the time out to relax where I don’t have to do anything

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