Long weekend


More than half way through the long weekend and the only thing crossed off my to do list is mowing the lawn.

I am having a serious motivation slump as we zoom towards the end of the year and I am not entirely sure what is causing it. Though if I had to give it a name I would say allergies. It has been hotter and drier this month than any October I remember and my head aches, my ears are stuffy and I’m itchy as anything. Never enough to be really sick, but just enough to make me want to sit on the couch all day watching crap tv. If we don’t get good rain soon to take care of the dust and the pollen I am going to have to go and get some drugs.

Plus a text from my brother just reminded me that I need to do something about an anniversary present for my parents – so am going to have to put my thinking cap on.


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  1. Get the drugs – trust me they are worth it every now and then, even if you just take them for a day or two at a time to have a break…

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