The best laid plans…


I swore last time I posted that I would be a more diligent blogger; but once again weeks seem to have past and I haven’t written a thing and my list of things to do before Christmas has accumalted almost no ticks against it.

I did go to the Craft Fair at the convention centre yesterday but came away very uninspired. There wasn’t a lot that was new. I know this sounds strange but I actually think they have done something to the lighting in there. I was sitting in the eating area looking out over the stalls and thinking that everything looked very grey and drab. Maybe it is just me. Maybe I have just been to so many now that the novelty is starting to wear off.


I  have almost managed to get back into sewing though – just. After weeks of doing 15 minutes at a time, I managed to finish an advent calendar for my Grandma this afternoon.

001 (640x480)

I did machine on the binding, so it feels a bit like I cheated somehow. Not sure why. While the quilt police might be shuddering I think it looks ok.

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