Monthly Archives: April 2014

Happy Easter everyone


Happy Easter to you all. May you all be celebrating in the way that suits you best. I have enough chocolate to last for weeks, so am happy to hibernate for the rest of the time off that I have.

I did get round to finishing a mini quilt as mentioned in my last blog. It turned out quite well and is only about the size of an A4 piece of paper. I have started another one that is more complicated, so slower going. I figure that’s ok. It keeps me sane in between stints of doing my accounting homework.

003 (768x1024)

I also found some time to dye some fabric, which didn’t turn out quite like I hoped. The idea was to have 8 shades of each colour. When I went to rinse I realised they were pretty much all the same. The amount of dye I put in what should have been the lightest one was enough to do a full saturated colour. So I wasted an awful lot of dye. Should read the instruction first next time.

Anyway, I was rinsing and rinsing to get the excess dye out and getting nowhere as there was so much of it, when I had a brain wave. I’d just stick it all in the washing machine. The already dyed bits wouldn’t affect each other as they were already so saturated no extra dye would stick and if I put in some more white fabric all the excess dye would stick to that. Worked like a charm though, as in all things dye related, not at all like I expected. I imagined with red and blue in the mix I would get a piece of purple fabric, but no, I ended up with a lovely light blue. It’s actually a perfect shade to go with all my other colours, so I am mildly pleased.

001 (1024x768)


Half-empty fridge


There is something psychologically satisfying about a full fridge. I think it speaks to our primitive self. A longing for plenty which has evolved over thousands of years of uncertain supply and which still lingers despite a large supermarket full of food being less that 15 minutes drive away. Well, I had an epiphany a couple of weeks back about the fullness of my fridge. Simply that, as a single person I can’t eat an entire fridge of food before it goes off. Even though there is a psychological satisfaction from going to the shops once a week and ensuring that my fridge is crammed to overflowing, in reality it just leads to a lot of wasted food (and money). So I am trying to make peace with the idea of a perpetually half-empty fridge. It seems to be working. There have only been a few times when I have opened it and my psyche has screamed at me that I don’t have enough food.

I haven’t posted in ages as study has been taking up a lot more of my time that I had anticipated. Almost no sewing has been done in the last few months. However, because I am completely mad and I don’t like the idea of not sewing for the next four years I am contemplating taking up making miniature quilts. I will let you know how I go.