Days off


To celebrate finishing my first uni subject, I decided to take a couple of days off work to just relax. And relax is pretty much what I have done. A trip to the library to get some trashy novels was followed by a lot of time on the couch reading said trashy novels. I did throw in a spot of gardening yesterday. I mowed the lawn and commiserated with my pumpkin seedlings which have been badly nibbled on by something. I give you exhibit A.

009 (1024x768)

So I improvised and put plastic cups over all of them. I probably need to go and check they haven’t all blown away.

011 (768x1024)

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  1. I came across your blog when I was writing a post about Snowball Wreath block, which you made in 2011. What an interesting project you are doing (or, perhaps you have finished??). I was interested to read the Satre bits you shared in some of your post.

    • Thanks – yes I have finished making all the blocks. I still have a few around as ufos tops waiting to be quilted. I think they will keep me busy for a while yet

  2. Looks like snails to me. Coffee grounds will also keep them away. I know you don’t drink coffee, but maybe you could get some from co-workers or a local café…

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