Monthly Archives: August 2015



How is it I can have an entire week off work and still feel like I have way too much to do? Obviously its possible because I have just had a week off and I have spent entirely too much time watching tv and lazing around, plus a couple of days shopping – one for fabric and one for new work clothes. None of which was a good idea because I have a uni assignment due in a couple of weeks, and I am supposed to be saving up for a new roof. And…while I can read articles about business research and watch cooking shows at the same time, the five pages an hour reading speed it gives me makes it hardly worth my while.

I wonder what it is about motivation that is so hard. Are your levels of motivation an ingrained part of who you are or can they be changed? How is it that some people can make a plan to exercise more, eat healthy, stick to a budget or study more and stick to it, while others make a vow to eat healthy and study more and 5 minutes later are sitting on the couch watching tv with a bar of chocolate? Maybe lack of motivation is lack of commitment. You tell yourself you will do X, but only because you think it is what you really want. Deep down you really want something else more.

Or maybe it comes down to pure impulse control. I remember reading once about the ability to delay gratification and the fact that either you have it by a certain age or you don’t. I think though, that it is always best to proceed with the idea that change is possible. There is still so much we don’t know about the brain and neuro-plasticity that we can’t assume we are fixed mentally in some intractable state.

So…it will be the frugal and efficient me from now on in. Especially, since in addition to the new roof my pipes just started banging this morning. I suspect my water heater is on the way out. Super frugal it is then.