As usual I have been slack in blogging. But…now uni is over, for a while at least, I have more time on my hands and a to do list so long it is unbelievable. The trick is deciding what to do first and then finding the energy to do it. I am not encouraged in my efforts by the weather – we hit 39 C yesterday and this morning, while it is not so hot, it is incredibly humid and very dark out – stormy looking. Like it is about to rain any minute. All of which adds to the temptation to spend the day on the couch watching cooking shows.

However, progress is being made. My house got cleaned this morning and the work clothes are washed for next week. I cut out a bag to make yesterday and I moved my sewing machine to the dining table so I can sew while it is hot (and while I am watching tv). So things will start happening eventually, I just need to relax and go with the flow for now.

Maybe a nap first though. I think when it is the perfect day for a nap you should take full advantage.

006 (1024x768)

The bag ready to sew



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