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Finishing what I started…


So…it is New Year. Past new year. The 2nd day of the new year. It is, of course, the time for resolutions and fresh starts and all that kind of thing.

Its hard to put a finger on what I want to do this year. My decisiveness is not helped by the start of a headache brought about by too much lawn mowing yesterday.

I want to save money to do some of the big things I need to do, like replace my car and my roof and loads of other jobs around my home. Like a lot of people I want to be healthier, fitter and feel less like I’m old when I hobble out of bed in the morning. I want to be kinder, to myself and others. Most of all I want to find the time and the energy and the drive to do all of the things I have been promising my self I would do for the last ten years, but never got round to. I don’t want to get to the end of another year and ask – where did the time go?

So…this year, this is the year of finishing what I started. I’m going to get those language learning DVD’s off the bookshelf where they have been gathering dust, take┬ámy pencils out of the tin, quilt the quilts that need quilting, actually play my guitar instead of leaning it against the wall where it looks pretty and open my laptop and finish anyone of the novels I have started. I don’t have to do it well, if no one else ever sees my efforts but me, that is ok. I just have to do and in some cases I have to let go. Some of the things I thought I would do are no longer me, are no longer important. There’s no point in having such an overwhelming list of to do that it would take two life times to complete. I have to know what is important to me to finish and what is not.

I am going to start easy. I have decided that for the first few weeks I am allowed to watch TV while I am doing stuff. Even though it distracts me slightly, at least it won’t be a total shock to the system. Today I am going to finish mowing the lawn and weeding the back garden bed. Then I am going to mulch the back garden bed, because I should have done it last year. Hopefully that means I won’t have to spend the rest of the year weeding it again like I did last year. I have also started hand quilting one of the quilt tops in my pile to finish. So I am going to quilt and I am going to read some of my manual on Microsoft Access (because I haven’t used it in years and need a refresher).

Quilting in progress on my dinosaur fabric quilt. Should be finished in no time.

Quilting in progress on my dinosaur fabric quilt. Should be finished in no time.