Sunday trading, frugality and impulse control


I am not wildly in favour of Sunday trading, not because of any religious feeling but more from a workers rights perspective. What is the point of work without balance. There should be at least one day a week where everyone gets to have all the family in one place. However, as a person who works everyday except the weekend Sunday is simply the best grocery shopping day. If Sunday is shopping day, that means that Saturday can be soup and baking day.

The idea being that anything that you throw out is a complete waste of money, so you use it before it goes off. Hence, soup and baking day. The day before I go shopping I gather all the vegetables, and other bits like the last bit of pasta in the bag that is too small to be a serving, and make a big batch of soup or stew or curry. Or…if it can’t go in the soup it gets baked into something. Not your show type baking. The type of baking where you get half way through, realise the only milk you have is chocolate and decide to use it anyway. Everything gets used up and then the finished product is either eaten or batched up and put in the freezer.

My last soup and baking day netted me 6 lunches and a week’s worth of morning tea, and despite everything lemon and sultana cake made with chocolate milk isn’t actually that bad.

What I find so frustrating is that while I am good at this, I can eat cheap and I can prepare a budget, none of it amounts to anything if you have no impulse control. Saving goes no where if you take a cheap, healthy prepared lunch into work and then decide the only thing you can possibly eat is hot chips, or you do up a budget and then the next day go out and buy a new laptop. Both things I have done, because I have absolutely terrible impulse control. Once I have an idea in my head I find it very hard to get rid of it without first acting on it. If I am going to get anywhere with saving then I need to work on impulse control and at the moment I am at a bit of a loss as to how to go about it. I suppose my next job is to do some research and find out, that and switch soup and baking day to Friday night so I can be non-hypocritical about my views on Sunday trading.


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