How early is too early to mow the lawn?


I need to mow my lawn today. Which is probably a good thing because it is good exercise and I haven’t been doing nearly as much of that as my new year’s resolutions require. I have a big lawn and I can lose a couple of kilos after a weekend of lawn mowing. But today is meant to be hot. Really hot. So I want to start early, and get it over and done with before the worst heat hits. But how early is too early to start mowing your lawn? I’m an up at 5 am kind of person in the summer, and would be quite happy to go out and start mowing but not sure my neighbours would agree.

Normally I hold off until 8 am, which is still kind of early for a weekend but I have a battery mower and it’s not as noisy as a petrol one so I figure I can get away with it. The council says you can start using power tools from 7.30 am, so I might go a bit early today.

I told myself I would spend the time between when I woke up this morning and when I could start mowing doing some writing, so of course I have done everything but. Unless you count writing this blog. At least my rates bill is now paid, and that cooking show wasn’t going to watch itself, and I still have half an hour to go til 7.30. I might still get round to it.


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