Monthly Archives: February 2018

Not staying on plan


I think I lasted about 3 days before the wheels fell off the current organisational drive. Not that I can complain, because I still have more energy and am getting more done than I was 3 months ago. Maybe I need to go back and re-read my plan every time I am starting to falter to get myself back in the swing of things. Perhaps not forever, but at least to keep me on track for long enough to build some new habits, or until the plan is so firmly entrenched in my mind that I don’t need to read it to know what I’m meant to be doing and why I’m doing it.

So what have I been doing? I had a good go at mowing the lawn last week, doing a little bit each evening between getting home from work and it getting dark. Massive storms and a tonne of rain over the weekend put a stop to the mowing and after about two days all the grass had grown back again. Most of the weekend was spent doing chores, a little bit of sewing without finishing anything, planting some seeds in pots on the back porch, reading and knitting. I am really enjoying my current knitting project. It is a fairly simple pattern, but looks complicated (and way more delicate and lacy than it looks in the photo).




I know more than I think I do


I had a couple of moments last week when I read a self help book or article that was supposed to be the new and enlightened approach, only to think – is that it, but I’ve been doing that for years. I guess I know more than I think I do, and some days I think I might actually have some fairly reasonable coping skills. The only problem is, when you just fall into these things naturally you never think to tell anyone because you just assume everyone knows.

I started my new job last week, and managed to survive not knowing anything or anyone, with only a mild amount of panic. Plus, over the weekend I did a bit of planning, re-evaluated some priorities and came up with a new schedule and I managed to start a new sewing project as well. So I am feeling reasonably on track. Hopefully will have a photo for you next week of how it turns out.