Monthly Archives: March 2018

Cutting Out


I’m doing reasonably well, at least there is a lot more doing going on at my house than previously. Sadly, a lot of the doing is lawn mowing due to all the rain we’ve had. I can’t complain though. It’s nice to have a lawn to mow, and its good exercise for someone who doesn’t get anywhere near enough.

I did get round to doing some cutting out on the weekend. The blocks for a new quilt. Just the blocks. I’m still contemplating what to do with the setting. I want to make it entirely from fabric I already have, which is going to make it a slightly different quilt from what it would be if I were to go to the shops and buy a whole lot more fabric. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either though. There is a long weekend coming up too, which means I’m ready to go even if I don’t get to it before then.


Making things


Ok, I’m not being too inventive but I am making things. I finished this journal cover yesterday.



New bag


After weeks of avoiding my sewing room, I finally finished my new bag. Of course as soon as it was finished I remembered that I was going to make a flap for a button. Determined not to let it dampen my spirits though. The bag will work perfectly fine without it and it just gives me an excuse to make another, especially since it was made from scraps from other projects and I still have plenty left.