Curtains and hats


I haDSCN0858ve been trying to make a curtain for my bathroom window, and not having much luck. I suppose it does the job, but I just can’t get it to hang right. I suspect the material may be a bit too heavy for the hanging string and I may have to install a proper curtain rod, which is not as easy as it sounds because it’s not a standard sized window so I am going to have to build my own.

My hat knitting skills are thankfully much better and I managed to finish this one over the weekend. Now I just need to find a recipient who isn’t going to freak out over the hand wash only thing.DSCN0857


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  1. The curtain thing could be the nature of the fabric too. Some fall into folds more easily than others. If you haven’t prewashed it, you could try that, as some fabrics are sold with size that stiffens them up.

  2. It is quite a thick and heavy fabric. It has some of that plastic type curtain lining on the back and when I’ve washed that type of thing before it has melted so I don’t know that I am game. I might try giving it an iron on the lowest possible setting.

    • Ah, ok, the backing probably isn’t helping. You could try redesigning the top of the curtain so it has wider folds or pleats, not fine gathers. That might sit better with something bulky.

      • That’s what I was thinking. If I put up a proper curtain pole, one of the ones with the dowel rod, rather than with the hooks and pleats it would scrunch less and hang a lot better

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