Monthly Archives: August 2018

Creative Urges


For the last couple of months I have been doing some serious adulting. Grown up stuff like painting my house, un-clogging my drains and getting a new stove.  All of which have been serious accomplishments in real world terms but have been taking a lot of my energy, and even more of my money, and haven’t left me with a lot of creative time. The most crafty I have been for the last month is knitting half a pair of baby pants and I am feeling a serious lack of creativity in my life. So much so, that on Wednesday I went rogue and turned the team meeting PowerPoint into a comic book. Thankfully my boss thought it was cool.

Deciding that I need to relax a little I have booked myself into a stitching day 3 weekends from now. I’m not sure that the work they will be doing is really my style as it seems very pretty, delicate and embroidery focused, but I figure I might learn something that I can apply in my own way later on. And…I’m looking forward to a break from the house stuff.