Some actual sewing


With some trepidation I went to my first stitching day out on Saturday. Trepidation because not only is attention to detail in hand work not one of my strong suits, the days seemed to be themed very much along the lines of pink, flowers, shabby chic style work. Totally not my style, but it was a nice day out. It was a pleasant environment to sit and sew with a decent sandwich for lunch, and snacks to snack on. I think I came away with more stitchery patterns than I know what to do with, and I didn’t really follow the instructions but I think it looks alright. Plus it’s close enough to actually finished that I might get round to finishing it.


Being out all day Saturday meant that Sunday was mostly about chores, but I have been trying to restore some order to my craft room and last week I picked up some cute balsa wood containers for storage. I spent Sunday afternoon decorating two of them. I painted one of them and used fabric decoupage on the other. I did also manage to finish the pair of baby pants I’ve been knitting but think I am going to deconstruct again as I am not really happy with the making up.




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