Monthly Archives: November 2018

Weird and windy


I never really thought about it before, but it is really unusual where I live for it to be windy. The sun is shining, the sky is blue but its blowing a gale out there. There are wild, noisy gusts of wind rattling round the house and finding every loose and squeaky thing. It’s a little unsettling, at least that’s what I’m going to blame for my weird mood and the fact that I can’t seem to get stuck into my to-do-list today. It’s like there’s a primitive part of my brain that is trying to understand why the weather is different all of a sudden and can’t make any sense of it.

My mood isn’t helped by the fact that I am feeling extremely uncreative at the moment.  What with work and a work course to study for, Christmas preparations to be made and my garden to get back in order now we’ve had enough rain for the weeds to start growing again I haven’t had a lot of time for making stuff. A couple of weeks back I bought a cutting machine, which I can see is going to be hugely useful for a whole lot of things but it’s going to require me to develop a fair bit of expertise. So I want to play, and I made the test project that came with machine (see below) but I have an awful lot of learning to do before I am going to be good enough to make it work the way I want it to work. Which is a little frustrating.


Summer’s almost here


It’s getting towards that time of the year where I have to camp out in the one room of the house that has air-conditioning and I am trying to muster the energy to do the things I need to do before it gets too hot to do them – like get my crazy garden in order, finish painting those last two windows and getting organised for Christmas. Which of course, is why I spent most of yesterday on the couch, hand quilting a quilt instead of tackling anything on my to do list. However, I’m determined that next year is the year I get my groove back (or actually get a groove, because I’m not convinced I’ve ever actually had one).

Pictures of the hand quilting will have to wait until it’s finished, so for now you will have to make do with a picture of the hat and scarf set I just finished knitting.