Monthly Archives: January 2019

It’s finished


I always get to the stage when I am about to finish something where I get just a little antsy. It’s hard to describe. It’s not that I am sad about finishing something that I have enjoyed working on, its more that I just want it done. I’ve lost patience with the process and hate working on the piece. Which is fine when I am at home working on a quilt and I can just sit down and crank it out until it’s done (or throw it in a corner in frustration). Not so great at work when I am getting cranky near the end of a project.

Today though we had a public holiday, so the quilt top got finished. It’s interesting, because I don’t think I put the blocks together the way I intended in my head. I think I wanted the pink triangles sitting next to each other to make a square, but I like the way it turned out. There is a kind of pin wheel effect going on.



Getting things done


I’m having one of those months where I don’t feel like I am doing much but somehow I keep getting things crossed off the list. So much so, that I feel like I need to have a new planning session soon to figure out a new list and that is way ahead of schedule.

I have also found some time to be crafty, finishing a scarf from some silk and alpaca blend wool I picked up during a trip to Sydney earlier this year with sightseeing relatives. The wool was so lovely just by itself, so I kept it simple and just knitted on big needles.

I’ve also started a new quilt. Its going to be vertical rows of border fabric broken up with rows of the squares. Only problem is I don’t have enough of the pink and green fabric for triangles so I have to decide whether I go back to the store and by more or fudge it with a few squares that are just the centre fabric. It is not my usual colour choice, but will look nice and soft and pretty when it is done.