Monthly Archives: February 2019



Still having fun with my new camera, though my walk yesterday got cut short because part of the path was closed. We think the closure was due to an influx of these lovely fruit bats who were roosting in large numbers in the trees.


My big job for today was tidying up and reorganising my sewing room/study. It took way longer than I thought it would and I’m not entirely happy with where somethings ended up but overall the space is now more usable and tidy enough to work in. At least it is done now and I can get on with some knitting.





I’ve always loved photography, but drifted away from it over the last couple of years as my gear became old and damaged and rarely performed the way I wanted it to. A few weeks back however there was a pretty good sale on, and a slightly different job at work had left a little extra money in my savings account, so I indulged in a new camera.

Now I’m not the world’s fittest person, but my work is currently having a fitness challenge where work teams collect points for various healthy activities. I decided to combine my desire to contribute some team points and my new camera and took myself for a long walk round the botanic gardens this morning. It was a very pleasant distraction from my to-do-list.