Knitting cos it’s hot


I only have air-conditioning in one room of my house, the living dining area. Fixing that is on my very long list of house jobs because I have a tin roof and this place heats up something shocking in summer. Normally it doesn’t bother me too much though, it just means that for a couple of months of summer when it’s really hot I move all my craft stuff to the dining room table and work there until the office is bearable again. It’s not a bad system and the move back is a bit of a cue to tidy up my craft space and reorganise all my supplies. About three weeks ago things started to cool down a little and I moved everything back to the office, had my big tidy up etc.

Today we were back to 39C (that’s 102 for any fahrenheit people who might be reading this) and it looks like it is going to be crazy hot all week. I’ve been too lazy to move my sewing machine back out of the office so I have been knitting instead, because its portable and the baby jumper I am knitting for a pregnant work colleague is easily managed and doesn’t leave me draped in hot fabric or wool.

I’ve almost finished the back, but better get a move on as the new mum’s maternity leave starts in April.


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