Monthly Archives: August 2019

Getting things done


My list of works in progress has inspired me a little to get somethings done.

I’ve finished off three baby quilts I had cut out.

Knocked over a knitting project as well. This project started life as a scarf but when I picked it up again I realised the reason I stopped was that the finished product was just too dense and heavy for a scarf, it didn’t drape or flow like it should. So I unpicked and reworked it into a cushion cover.20190814_193856

Been doing a little work around the house as well, putting new putty in my windows and trying not to get frustrated with the slow progress. Someone who lived here before tried to fix the windows with a silicon filler instead of the proper glazing putty so it is taking forever to get the silicon out so I can do the job properly. Got to keep telling myself I’m not in any hurry.


Works in progress


I have been feeling very uninspired craft wise for a while now. I’ve been mustering a little energy to do some knitting while watching tv, which is fine, but have pretty much been procrastinating about everything else.

I’m been trying a few things to get my mojo back. Last week was a trip to a craft shop because I really need to make a baby quilt for an imminent new arrival and I didn’t have enough of anyone kind of fabric to do anything other than a scrappy. It really helped and provided some clarity that maybe I’m not in love with some of my fabrics any more.

Yesterday, I had a really good clean out of the closet. Don’t get me wrong I’m not throwing anything out. Even the stuff I don’t love anymore will have it’s place, maybe as backings or bag linings. The purpose yesterday was to figure out what I’ve got and what I’ve got on the go. It was a bit of a work in progress audit. Well works in progress and kits, because I figure a kit might as well be a work in progress because someone else has done all the hard work of assembling the bits I need.

It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I have a total of 73 works in progress in varying stages from bought stuff and stuck it in a bag together all the way to pinned but not yet quilted including finding a couple of quilt tops I had forgotten I had.

It did inspire me a little. I’ve always loved a good list and I have already crossed one of the list. A tiny little wooden cross stitch kit which was given to me by a friend many years ago for Christmas. Now to get on with the rest of it, which I am actually looking forward too because I am of the opinion that it doesn’t have to be finished as I originally intended it. If I only got to a certain size of hand pieced hexagons I don’t have to finish it into a quilt I can make it into a cushion or a journal cover or anything else that takes my fancy. I can see some creativity in this.