Hot and Smoky


Summer seems to have hit with full force. Temperatures have been in the high 30’s and low 40s but with nowhere near as much rain as we are used to this time of year. At one point, we broke a record where I live for the most amount of time since it last rained. Then there’s the fires. It feels like there has been the smell of smoke in the air for over 3 months now. A week or so back there was one just round the corner from my house. Being about 3 houses outside the evacuation zone is a little too close for comfort. Thankful, they got it under control with only one house lost and no one hurt. Another fire this week, a couple of suburbs over and we don’t have it bad compared to Sydney where the whole city looks like it is ringed by fire.

I’m finally off work for the year and trying to get organised before Christmas. Not that there is a lot to do. Presents have already been bought and the house was cleaned yesterday. There is some cooking to do Christmas Eve and need to put some petrol in the car but until then I just get to chill, maybe do some sewing, read some of the books that have been on the to read pile for far too long.

It’s been a while since I last posted, and I last time I did I posted about a present I was making for a colleague who was having a baby. Well here is the rest of the present, which was finished just in the nick of time.


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