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Half way through the year


I can’t believe it is almost half way through the year already. Time is really flying by fast. Though I think I have said that at the beginning of just about every post for the last year, and it really is no excuse for laxness in blogging.

Much has happened since I last posted, including two weeks holiday in Thailand during which I turned 40. Either I am officially over the hill, or I am just reaching the quarter life crisis mark. I like to think it is the latter, but I suspect my chocolate addiction may catch up with me in the form of a heart attack at some point. Thailand was lovely though, we spent the entire two weeks in and around Chiang Mai. The people were lovely and friendly, but my stomach hated it, which is strange, because I’ve been all over and never had problems before.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Elephant Nature Park and a day spent looking after the elephants.


Since then it has been pretty much all work, and then come home and watch tv, until last week when I went on a week-long quilt retreat. As a result, I am very relaxed right now. Especially since I am not back at work till next Wednesday. The next few days will be spent showing some out-of-town relatives around and then hopefully a few days sewing.