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Not staying on plan


I think I lasted about 3 days before the wheels fell off the current organisational drive. Not that I can complain, because I still have more energy and am getting more done than I was 3 months ago. Maybe I need to go back and re-read my plan every time I am starting to falter to get myself back in the swing of things. Perhaps not forever, but at least to keep me on track for long enough to build some new habits, or until the plan is so firmly entrenched in my mind that I don’t need to read it to know what I’m meant to be doing and why I’m doing it.

So what have I been doing? I had a good go at mowing the lawn last week, doing a little bit each evening between getting home from work and it getting dark. Massive storms and a tonne of rain over the weekend put a stop to the mowing and after about two days all the grass had grown back again. Most of the weekend was spent doing chores, a little bit of sewing without finishing anything, planting some seeds in pots on the back porch, reading and knitting. I am really enjoying my current knitting project. It is a fairly simple pattern, but looks complicated (and way more delicate and lacy than it looks in the photo).





I know more than I think I do


I had a couple of moments last week when I read a self help book or article that was supposed to be the new and enlightened approach, only to think – is that it, but I’ve been doing that for years. I guess I know more than I think I do, and some days I think I might actually have some fairly reasonable coping skills. The only problem is, when you just fall into these things naturally you never think to tell anyone because you just assume everyone knows.

I started my new job last week, and managed to survive not knowing anything or anyone, with only a mild amount of panic. Plus, over the weekend I did a bit of planning, re-evaluated some priorities and came up with a new schedule and I managed to start a new sewing project as well. So I am feeling reasonably on track. Hopefully will have a photo for you next week of how it turns out.

How early is too early to mow the lawn?


I need to mow my lawn today. Which is probably a good thing because it is good exercise and I haven’t been doing nearly as much of that as my new year’s resolutions require. I have a big lawn and I can lose a couple of kilos after a weekend of lawn mowing. But today is meant to be hot. Really hot. So I want to start early, and get it over and done with before the worst heat hits. But how early is too early to start mowing your lawn? I’m an up at 5 am kind of person in the summer, and would be quite happy to go out and start mowing but not sure my neighbours would agree.

Normally I hold off until 8 am, which is still kind of early for a weekend but I have a battery mower and it’s not as noisy as a petrol one so I figure I can get away with it. The council says you can start using power tools from 7.30 am, so I might go a bit early today.

I told myself I would spend the time between when I woke up this morning and when I could start mowing doing some writing, so of course I have done everything but. Unless you count writing this blog. At least my rates bill is now paid, and that cooking show wasn’t going to watch itself, and I still have half an hour to go til 7.30. I might still get round to it.


New Year’s resolutions


I don’t know why, but for some reason I always imagine myself setting my new year’s resolutions before December 31 and then waking up on New Years days full of energy and enthusiasm. It rarely works like that. I have some idea’s about what I would like to achieve this year, but I’m still nutting out how I am going to achieve it. Plus, a hot and sticky start to the year has left me drained of energy any time I am outside of the air-conditioned joy that is my lounge room.

So my goals:

  • Be less judgemental and gossip less
  • Exercise more
  • Meditate regularly
  • Volunteer for something
  • Try 12 things I’ve never tried before
  • Find a new job

I’m probably not doing as badly at all of these as I think. I have a job interview on Monday, though it is only for a 1 year with possible extension kind of job. I’m doing little 5 minute guided meditations and I have walked for 1/2 hour in the park every day at lunch since I’ve been back at work. I’m struggling a little bit with the gossip less, because everyone at work loves a good gossip and the 12 things I’ve never tried before is harder than I thought it would be. Not because there aren’t lots of things I’ve never tried, but because in my mind I think they should be things that I want to do but haven’t gotten round to. Sure I’ve never jumped out of an aeroplane, but it’s not something that I am even in the slightest bit interested in doing. I thought about making try 1, to make an item of clothing but then realised I did actually do that in home economics in high school. I suppose I could make it more specific and say, try 1 is to make an item of clothing that’s not a sweatshirt that’s five sizes too small for me. Though I am reading a book at the moment on beginner programming and try 1 could also be something like writing a program. We’re only a week into the new year and I’ve got time still to figure it out.

I’m also hoping to have lots of energy and enthusiasm for creating this year, so stay posted and hopefully I will have lots of show and tell as the year goes on.

Rain stops play


I had a long list of things to do today, unfortunately most of them were outside. I don’t mind gardening in a little light rain, but DIY gets a bit dangerous once everything gets wet and slippery. Its been raining on and off all day, so I find myself at a loose end. Not that I don’t have anything to do. There are books to read, things to sew and food to prep for guests tomorrow, but I didn’t want to be doing any of those things. Nothing like weather for showing you how puny and unsubstantial your project plans are.

I probably just need to pull myself together and get on with things, or sit down and come up with a revised plan. Just frustrated because it feels, in a lot of ways, that this year has really gotten away from me. Everyone has already started saying its only x weeks til Christmas and I haven’t even started thinking about gifts yet. Normally, I’m done shopping by the end of November.

Maybe I should just relax and coast towards the end of the year, and focus on a plan for next year instead. It would be the easy option, but there’s a lot I could accomplish in 2 months if only I knew what I wanted to do.




I started to get a sore throat last Friday night, and thinking it was just a cold decided to ignore it for the next 6 days. Which turned out to be a really bad idea, because it wasn’t a cold it was tonsillitis. Two penicillin injections in my butt, a bunch of tablets and three days spent on the couch and I am starting to feel a bit better, with the odd moment of feeling like I am about to cough up a lung.

The most frustrating thing is the not getting anything done. Last Tuesday was a public holiday, and I was too tired from “the cold” to do anything and tomorrow is another one, and I am pretty much still benched. Being sick is a complete waste of the best run of public holidays we have this year. Not to mention that, except for visits to the Doctor, by tomorrow I’ll have been stuck in the house, doing nothing, for 5 days straight. Cabin fever is starting to set in. Yesterday I found myself watching a show about people who repossess cars. Today I am trying to make myself do something. At least for a little while.

I’ve had this quilt on the go for a while, and for some reason I’m not enjoying it. Maybe because it requires more precision than I usually enjoy. Too many biased edges and it seems the bigger the blocks get, the harder it is to measure them accurately. Two rulers don’t really cut it. But it would be nice if over the next two days I could get the last round of borders on it and the top finished.

purple quilt



Being a grown up


The last few weeks have been almost consumed with the business of being a grown up. Most of that has been due to my deciding that my bank probably wasn’t giving me the best deal. This of course led to half a million phone calls, lots of online twiddling and one letter (because after two weeks of no response to an online request and no time to go into a bank I decided to write to them). Despite all this effort, I’m still not done but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Trying seriously hard not to think about insurance, but once I get this whole bank thing sorted out it’s next on my list.

The downside is that I have had a quilt top sitting half finished for over 2 weeks now, and my lawn is approaching something resembling a meadow. I am determined not to care, about the lawn anyway. Even if it is a long weekend, I will not mow. It can wait til next weekend.

The plan for the rest of the day is to find a quite spot with a cold drink, and maybe just a few Easter eggs, and finish reading my book.

Happy Easter