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State of the world


It’s hard to focus on anything when the news is this bad. The whole country is still on fire. People are dying and losing their homes. The middle east is in turmoil again and there is the prospect of more war and more terror. At some point though, I have to face the fact that there is nothing I can do about any of this, or that I have done everything I can do (vote, donate, live in as ecologically sound a way as possible). If I were honest I would probably have to admit I could do more of the last two, but in general, to stop going insane on a day to day basis you actual have to stop thinking about it and go do something else. So I go to work, and I sew and I read books but a part of me always thinks I should be doing more. It’s the start of a new year, and I don’t really have any resolutions yet so maybe my resolution needs to be – be a more active citizen.

Procrastinating again


I am procrastinating again, and the main cause seems to be this thing.


It is part of a kit for a bag, and the next step requires me to free motion round the flowers and to draw the stems and leaves. Free motion quilting is not one of my strengths and my machine doesn’t do it well, struggling with tension. I know I should just get on with it, but it was quite an expensive kit and very beautiful and I really don’t want to ruin it. Right now however, I am off to plan my dinner.

Sorting things out


I have had two weeks off work, and what with overseas relatives staying and a brief trip to Sydney things have been a little chaotic, fun but chaotic. Off course while I was away the weather was apparently perfect but the day I need to do what feels like 10 loads of washing it is overcast and threatening storms. There is however some blue sky out there and I’m hoping I can get a couple of loads at least dry on the line before rain hits. In the meantime I will focus on getting the rest of my house back into a semblance of order before I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of my trip. I loved the coastal daisies I stumbled across while on a walk along the coast. They were almost iridescent. I am trying to think of ways I could capture them in textiles.


Creative Urges


For the last couple of months I have been doing some serious adulting. Grown up stuff like painting my house, un-clogging my drains and getting a new stove.  All of which have been serious accomplishments in real world terms but have been taking a lot of my energy, and even more of my money, and haven’t left me with a lot of creative time. The most crafty I have been for the last month is knitting half a pair of baby pants and I am feeling a serious lack of creativity in my life. So much so, that on Wednesday I went rogue and turned the team meeting PowerPoint into a comic book. Thankfully my boss thought it was cool.

Deciding that I need to relax a little I have booked myself into a stitching day 3 weekends from now. I’m not sure that the work they will be doing is really my style as it seems very pretty, delicate and embroidery focused, but I figure I might learn something that I can apply in my own way later on. And…I’m looking forward to a break from the house stuff.




Progress of sorts


The house is nowhere near finished (who knew painting a house would take so long), and despite my best endeavours I never did get a boost of afternoon energy. At least not in the way that I wanted.

I managed a trip to the library, some reading and some knitting. My Mum and Dad came over one day to help and bought my eight year old nephew with them. Nephew needed a birthday present for his Mum, and wasn’t looking forward to a trip to the shops. When I offered him a chance to raid my handmade stash he jumped at it and decided that his Mum would like a hat and scarf.

I started knitting a replacement straight away, because I actually quite like knitting hats and scarfs. I think because they come together very quickly I feel like I am achieving something and they are simple enough to do while watching tv. So, there was a lot of afternoon movies last week, and I finished a new hat and got a good start on a scarf.

On another note: I seriously thought I would be sore from the painting, and I was mostly fine all week but I woke up this morning after one day back at the desk job and everything is stiff. I suspect just doing weekends from here on is going to be physically harder than doing one long slog.


Folding and sticking


I have been busy making up some kits I bought at the craft fair a few weeks ago. I don’t really know how to describe these projects (a purse and card case). It’s not really sewing because no stitching occurs. It involves folding the fabric and the whole thing is held in place with the final layer of sticky vinyl lining fabric and the clips. They are cute though and kept me out of mischief for one day this weekend.

The rest of the time was spent whipping a small part of my garden into shape.

Craft fair


There was a craft fair type event in town this weekend, so I went and checked it out yesterday and picked up a fair amount of inspiration. I went to two demonstrations, one on sashiko and the other on wool felt applique. I may have collected some new hobbies. There were also lots of lovely quilts to check out, but also a whole section on paper craft which I look at with envy because I have the fine motor skills of a drunk baby elephant. If I try to glue a small bit of anything to a bit of paper I end up with glue everywhere and things stuck to my hands. But nice to look at others work admiringly and be surrounded by crafty people for a part of the day.

The rest of the weekend was spent on chores and gardening. I did manage to create a small potted veggie garden in one corner of my patio as well as doing a bit of weeding and hedge trimming. Still plenty more to do though. It gets so out of hand during summer when it is too hot to do anything other than mowing, so winter is the time for pulling it all back into line.